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Tiger is bridging Celtic business into the Heart of Slavic Europe — New Opportunities and strong potential for the Craic in Slovakia and Czechia

‘Galway Girl’ of politics, former Labour Party senator Lorraine Higgins from Athenry launched brand new diplomatic career as the first Honorary Consul of the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ireland. On Friday 27th September 2019 she introduced perspective Slovak connections to her Galway pals at The diplomatic reception in The g Hotel

In times of increasing geopolitical and trade tensions, Slovakia and Czechia remain a risk- free destination for investments and business ventures. The sustained economic growth of these two economies has been driven mainly by continuing inward investments in the automotive and electronics sectors and strong integration into global value chains. To sustain this expansion both countries are moving towards more sophisticated and innovative manufacturing, including digital transformation. At this seminar, you will have a chance to explore the countries’ potential of highly skilled workforce, as well as their capacity to innovate and adopt new technologies. The presenters will also pay particular attention to the introduction of opportunities in other potential sectors, such as ICT, e-mobility, pharmaceuticals & medical technology, aviation & space, data centres, etc.

SARIO Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency

What’s The Craic?

Both countries offer a competitive value proposition for the post-Brexit Europe

Na našej ulici je sloboda,

hovorieval obyvateľ Dunajskej ulice v Bratislave
Julo Satinský 

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