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900 Votes In the First Count – Absolute virtual election success in Galway City West for two hours

‘I was experiencing an absolute democracy and freedom when reading The Irish Times local election tally report on Sunday afternoon. I was sure, nothing could beat the 900 votes from the first counting…’ the records were replaced with the new ones after 6pm, and I would really like Pat Leahy to explain how such mistake may happen in the publishers workflow.

Video Animation of the Irish Times election result screenshots as in progress

It was one of the most powerful experiences in my life I have recorded during the Local Elections 2019 as running for the city council in Galway City West. Thank you guys who voted for me, I promise I will do my best from outside of the council…

Thanks to The Irish Times for the error in their online reporting which gave me two hours of believing I was in… based on the reading of The IT report from the first counting, my first ever run into politics engaged with the feeling of an absolute democracy and freedom like..

Now Imagine this variation of the Galway City Council Craic from the #Election2019 #GalwayCityWest division, as projected by The Irish Times online tally info page and I have had an opportunity to capture and enjoy Election’s 2019 time on ‘Top Of The World’ for couple of hours, this Sunday afternoon, before update, dropping CC under M despite an alphabetical order of the ballot in the first counting, keeping the volume of CC votes on top of the City Hall Q:

Claire Keegan (Independent) – 1,463

Marian Maloney (Independent) – 941

Darius Ivan (Independent) – 900

Pearce Flannery (Fine Gael) – 811

Cathal Ó Conchúir (Sinn Féin) – 734

Patrick Feeney (Independent) – 721

15 Candidates from the agalway City West ward talk before election in Galway Bay FM radio show

Congratulations to all who pass

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