Local Election 2019 GALWAY | a thought of eliminated nominee

In Galway City West the following candidates have been declared to be elected by the Returning Officer: Donal Lyons, Pauline O’Reilly, Niall McNelis, Peter Keane, Clodagh Higgins and John Connolly. #le19 #GalwayCityLE19

The CRAIC in Galway


Dear Irish Times, you’ve made my day for an hour this afternoon when I have checked your results page of the elections in Galway City West as per screenshot from 16:38pm attached. All feeling of democracy and freedom was gone shortly after at 17:52 when you updated the results changing absolutely astrologically

Paralysed, browsing through other results lists from around Ireland on IT trusted website I see the logic and f alphabetical order everywhere, very same as I remember it when Voting No.1 for Darius Ivan and 2 to Claire Keegan | I see the alphabetical order everywhere apart from the last update of the Galway City West poll where Cathal Ó Conchúir (Sinn Féin) – 422 dropping from the position 2 on the list deep down under Niall McNelis, despite his CC capitals. The absolute error caused such a small differences in the…

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