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Local Election 2019 GALWAY | a thought of eliminated nominee

Dear Irish Times, you’ve made my day for an hour this afternoon when I have checked your results page of the elections in Galway City West as per screenshot from 16:38pm attached. All feeling of democracy and freedom was gone shortly after at 17:52 when you updated the results changing absolutely astrologically

Paralysed, browsing through other results lists from around Ireland on IT trusted website I see the logic and f alphabetical order everywhere, very same as I remember it when Voting No.1 for Darius Ivan and 2 to Claire Keegan | I see the alphabetical order everywhere apart from the last update of the Galway City West poll where Cathal Ó Conchúir (Sinn Féin) – 422 dropping from the position 2 on the list deep down under Niall McNelis, despite his CC capitals. The absolute error caused such a small differences in the results reading as 900 votes up from 30 for FF Peter Kean and 811 points of score for FG Clodagh Higgins to top-up of her 30 when published by IT earlier today day, I can’t believe even my wife is showing me GCC tweet with 30 votes falling down to replace my 900 going by CC move down under NMN, in the live broadcast I’m listening to Gary McMahon who can’t get my elimination announcement out of his chest along with information about total recount order for Galway City East and Central, I can’t believe what is going on?

Dear Irish Times please explain how can such a mix match of the names and results appear on your reporting facilities | Believing in democracy and freedom Darius Ivan 0851145371

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    In Galway City West the following candidates have been declared to be elected by the Returning Officer: Donal Lyons, Pauline O’Reilly, Niall McNelis, Peter Keane, Clodagh Higgins and John Connolly. #le19 #GalwayCityLE19


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