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Jake Black is Dead | R.I.P The Very Reverend Wayne Love

Alabama 3 star Jake Black who composed Sopranos theme tune did not wake up that morning of Tuesday 21st May 2019 | The Very Reverend Dr. D. Wayne Love showed me my photo direction more than 10 years ago in Loughrea

Stay left to go right… Photo by Darius Ivan

I’ve found my own nightlife photography signature on Alabama 3’s concert in Loughrea | Thank you Jake

Night of Sunday 14th December 2008 has made me who I have become after the concert of the Alabama 3 and forehand of the Irish Republic of Loose. I’ve got to cover a gig in the Loughrea Hotel and Spa where I have had just started my photo residency. That night I photographed Santa with kids and already and when I’ve appeared in the packed function room of the hotel I had no idea how to do a picture of the band on the stage. The Republic of Loose has warmed up the audience and I’ve got some time to try my Canon 1d Mk3 On the P mode which has created some really great shots along with the pail of rubbish, but enough to let me read the auto pasted settings, remember them and use when the Alabama 3 took the stage by funky storm. Thanks Dr. D. Wayne Love, R.I.P.

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