PÁLÁS Movie Theater | Touch of Tom de Paor complimenting the Spanish Parade Panorama

Reflections of the panorama of the Spanish Parade got brand new look by the end of February. One of the World’s most photographed urban seaside picture from Galway has got the final touch of of design from architect Tom de Paor today. 10 years long saga of the PALACE Cinema project have progressed to the stage OPEN in 2018. Projectors light on the on 3 screens and illuminated reflections on the high tide of the river Corrib. its play on the scene of the Spanish Parade reflecting illuminated corner of attractive modern building in the river the author of the design of building of the Palace Cinema,

beginning at the Wolfe Tone’s Bridge, along the river Corrib, under Spanish Arch, to sneak in a lane with Museum to Longwalk following  Connemara water until touch with Galway Bay water of Atlantic Ocean have become iconic pictures of the city of tribes, especialy when High Tide and Full Moon and today it’s got Pálás of the city culture and arts to stand out in the center.

Spanish Arch, Longwalk, in the high tide of 3rd March 2018 Claddagh Quay | Panorama of the Spanish Arch and the Longwalk featuring just open PÁLÁS Movie Theatre building designed by architect Tom de Paor

PÁLÁS Movie Theater
Reflexion of the state of the art building of the Palace Cinema evening before opening. Photo VR by Darius Ivan

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