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The Beaver Moon | Light Over The Town

Hi at The CRAIC club. I’m starting with photography and got to try to capture the Moon in it’s full-size last Saturday over the Spanish Arch and river Corrib. Not easy, and as I’ve learned nearly impossible to catch the pic of the Moon in the night sky with all its beauty while maintaining its location featuring the city at night down on the ground. There is too much light reflected from the Moon thrown on the earth that the street lighting of the city is not noticeable when combined into one shot.

Moon Over Spanish Arch in Galway
Picture of the Beaver Moon over Galway featuring its reflexion in the river.

Anyway, I have submitted a picture taken from the Wolfe Tone Bridge where the river Corrib meets Claddagh to my photography tutor Darius Ivan, here at the CRAIC and lucky enough he’s got a solution. A trick with double exposure might look cheap but as I’ve learned ‘It Is What It Is’! Once we realise that one shot is not enough, the time for blending two or more shots is coming. As I’ve learned this photoshop technique of overlying two different images is not as new as the computer. Same principles were used in the darkroom when the analogue cameras and film were only optioned. Instead of overlying two digital files the magic was done under the beam of light exposing two or more negative sheets on paper. Same result with different technique and technology. See how we progress it with the pictures from the last weekend here:


For more info about the moon in November and in Space dive here:

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