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Sorry We Missed You

Today I found out that my family and I, we are not alone in our suffering and frustration. Why, you ask..
Well, we have been living without landline and Wi-Fi at home for 7 months.

It is the 21st century and we do live in the digital age but apparently this does not affect the way the phone company here in Ireland operates. ( Eir, or as we still remember it Eircom)
I have several blogs which took a major nose dive because of this “little” problem. Not being able to upload regularly and less interaction with fellow bloggers, really brings down the popularity of a blog.
My work as a photographer also involves constant uploading and downloading of huge amounts of data, which can only be supported by a unlimited broadband at home, which sadly we don’t have. And here is why:

It all began, on the 30th of September LAST year, when suddenly all lines went dead at home – no more landline, no more Wi-Fi. Until we finally managed to get hold of someone to come over and see what happened, at least a month had passed.
At that point, it was discovered they have to change the telephone pole by the house, it was apparently old.
Fine, we waited another week or two for the pole changing team. By the way, they always come on Monday, so between every visit at least a week or two has passed.
One day they came, all ready to work but they couldn’t because the ground was too hard and had to order a special machine for drilling stone. (Sigh)
Another 2-3 weeks passed while we were waiting for them to come back. Eventually they did, changed the pole and said now we have to wait for another team to arrive and connect the cable. (apparently they don’t connect cables)

More weeks passed, another engineer came, messed around all day couldn’t find any fault anywhere and left. (Huge sigh)

Months passed, out of the blue, a guy comes to connect our line. Then he discovered two landlines, couldn’t decide which one to connect and left again because he needed advice from his supervisor. The same thing happened a couple of weeks later with a different engineer, then no news…
Now we waited for the solution of the double line dilemma. Nothing again for a couple of months.
Another guy came after that, didn’t know at all what was going on, we had to explain everything ourselves. He found the cable from the pole just hanging there, so he needed a team to connect it across the road to the other pole. He was alone, so now we had to wait another day for his buddies to return. They did not.
No news for a while. Then suddenly we were told some work had to be done all the way to Oughterard, and then we will be connected.
So the last appointment we had was for the 8th of March, when they were supposed to come and finally install what needed to be installed. Well, guess what, we waited all day, and no one came. But we found a note from Eir in the post box titled SORRY WE MISSED YOU from the Friday before when we were all working and there was no one at home.
Now tell me, at this point, wouldn’t any SANE person go INSANE?!?!

We still have no news or see any light at the end of this dark tunnel.
But as I was saying at the beginning, we are not alone in this misery. Couple of days ago on RT1 there was a discussion on this very topic and lots of people from all over Ireland had complained from the same treatment.
How is this possible? I want to ask someone, how can they repair a cable for 7 months?!
How can someone get paid for a job well done, when it hasn’t been done at all?!
Because yes, we were told at some point that the job was written off as completed.
But I am not dreaming, I am still typing from my phone, we don’t have a landline for sure and I am not even going to mention Wi-Fi anymore, it is something we dream about… In the 21st century…
But, hey, SORRY WE MISSED YOU, maybe next time…

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