Galway Escort Sabina about the Profession in the Friendliest City of Tribes

“Prostitution raises questions of drug addiction and human trafficking, but for some girls like Sabina, it’s been a path to a more stabile life, and a path that she not only survived from, but a lifestyle age enjoys!”

Galway Escort Pro Sabina meets the CRAIC reporter.

Sabina is enjoying life in Galway, even if she hasn’t had the opportunity to explore it with a decent companion. She is independent, professional, from the other corner of Europe and she is able to compare conditions for life.

When asked “Are you still able to enjoy sex?” Sabrina answers yes. “Why do you think I am doing it?” She twists her head, smiling, admitting she is able to fall in love with a client too.

To be continued here….

Sabina is enjoying Galway on a regular basis. She has experienced the city to be extremely friendly. Reaching out to the professional background of the oldest public trade, she as well has some curious moments to share. “There was a guy who came, brought tights and let me wear them. He was looking at me for a few minutes not touching, not requesting anything…”

We took the opportunity to browse Sabina’s past as we were talking. She remembers the escapes from her childhood pattern and understands she alone is responsible for her life today.

Watch the CRAIC, print edition coming for March. We will pay attention to the Escort CRAIC in Galway and around.

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